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Mal Rossi
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I began my own Photography journey when i was 12, ...yes it was film then (thank you) but that taught me the skills a creative photographer still needs in this digital age. The amazing gear that is available now means even more stunning results in the right hands.

My other main interests in life has been playing live music which has given me good people skills and an edge required to communicate well which produces the very best from clients ...love my profession 🙂

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Whether your celebrating an engagement, planning a wedding,

...expecting your New Born soon, or already have your little tribe,

...thinking of having a business/modeling/dance/drama portfolio done,

'then find your next' step


...with a lifetime as as photographer and just over 18 years as a professional, life with all its real world situations has certainly armed me with a spontaneous skill set to achieve the very best from situations, ...from constant drizzle on a couples wedding day, moody teenagers in the studio to new borns who well, well are new borns lol.

...as they say "you get 'out' what you put 'in' during life", it's no different with creative photography...