Bump To Baby

Bump to Baby sessions

If you are pregnant, particularly 28 weeks onwards, we offer a ‘bump to baby’ package which has proved popular over the last year. Again, as with new-borns, if you prefer, you can book one of our female photographers, but rest assured whoever covers your photography will put you completely at ease for this wonderful ‘never to be repeated’ (well, per pregnancy) experience!

Maternity Sessions are generally booked for early to late afternoon, and from between 30-37 weeks, however, when to have your session is totally up to. The most common time is around 33/34 weeks.

Booking your session

It is never really too early to book your photo session. We also offer ‘on-location’ sessions which are particularly aimed for the ‘new borns’ as mum’s are a little reluctant to take their little 6 day new life out of the home environment. Also our popular new-born session ‘at home’ shoot is often booked up in advance, so contacting us at your earliest convenience is strongly recommended.

We have several photographers who specialise in particular genres of photography, we simply love photographing newborns and therefore always keep studio session time available for newborns, particularly under two weeks or so. So if your baby has just been born or is due soon, call ASAP!